Essay How Summer Is A Good Reader

Essay How Summer Is A Good Reader

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Summer was here! I was booked for sleepovers then of course, swimming all the time, but pure summer fun was the only thing on my mind. I can’t think of another summer that I enjoyed (at a young age of course) more than this one but then I was struck with the most disturbing news I thought I could ever hear as a child. “You’re going to have to take a reading program with your brother” I honestly thought it was a joke! Reading wasn’t a tough subject for me so why on earth do I have to give up the rest of my free time? This was a non-negotiable situation and just as quick as my summer fun began the quicker it ended.
I was nine years old and at this time and there was a very popular reading program called “Hooked on Phonics” Now this program was to help enhance your reading, writing, and comprehension skills. However in all honesty I felt I was already a pretty good reader! By the 4th grade I was doing spelling bees, and I was acing all of my spelling and reading test, so I was thinking “Why Me?” More importantly why is this ruining my summer! I was very displeased, until my mom broke i...

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