How Successful The Season Is A Summer Mini Series Special Essays

How Successful The Season Is A Summer Mini Series Special Essays

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Depending on how successful the season is, the graduation finale episode could also set up a summer mini-series special in in which cameras follow the three families return to Africa for the first time. This mini-series would be an extension of the season, with travel expenses paid for by the network and sponsors, while again allowing the characters to be themselves. In return, subtle product placement could take place and money from this revenue could be invested into the second season of the show. The Nkiese family would be reunited with family members, and while producers cannot promise that the reunion will be joyful, audiences would be able to count on drama and exposure to the culture they were first introduced to via the cast. The Kaku boys would experience culture shock since it would be their first time the Congo. The cameras would follow the three families and all the stress that comes with going back to a place you left and the expectations, questions that are waiting for you: what gifts to bring to family? Who even gets a gift? Explaining that life in the United States is not at all what the film Coming to America and Fresh Prince of Bel Air made it seem to be.

One challenging aspect of creating this show would be dealing with legal and ethical obligations that arise when minors are members of a cast. This is especially important because of the privacy concerns that arise from having these kids on screen, the possible media and societal criticisms that these children are being exploited or are not being raised properly. For one thing, if their friends were to be featured on air, their parents would have to sign consent forms and want to make sure their kids are represented positively. Respecting the privacy of the chi...

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This series would introduce American television viewers to a side of Africa they never see. It aims to show the daily lives of African families dealing with issues that we all face. The only difference is that in the process of dealing with these daily situations, the Nkiese, Mfwilankanda and Kaku families also have to learn to assimilate to the culture and spaces they occupy while rating their heritage and instilling a sense of pride in the children. In some ways this is a classic American Dream tale with an added twist. In other ways, it would open viewers to new beliefs, lifestyles and cultures while entertaining them. Like many reality shows that precede it, some viewers will love it, other will criticize it to death. Regardless of their personal opinions, people will be talking about it one way or another because it is something that has never been done.

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