How Substance Abuse Has Become A Worldwide Public Health Problem Essay

How Substance Abuse Has Become A Worldwide Public Health Problem Essay

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Meditation has been known to reduce stress in counseling many different clients. It has been a technique used since the 60s in the USA. Different programs such as alcoholics anonymous, narcotics anonymous and many behavior therapies have incorporated different meditation techniques within their program. Identifying different factors and limitations to incorporate meditation in an addiction setting is very important. This research paper will be a guide for different meditations with in an addiction setting.
In 2013, according to the substance abuse and mental health service administration estimated 22.7 million people in the United States suffered with substance abuse. Out of the people suffering approximately 2.5 people received treatment for their addiction. Substance abuse has become a worldwide public health problem. There is such a need for effective professionals in the field of addiction programs.
For many years, counselors have seen the connection between counseling and spirituality. If you look into the programs that alcoholics anonymous and narcotics anonymous follow you will see that many of the steps are about spirituality. These groups follow the twelve step program, seven out of the twelve steps are heavy into each individual’s spirituality and finding a higher power. The point of this is to help you overcome your addiction. It is a leap of faith and a hope that you are giving up your power to make a difference and guide you into recovery. Realizing there can be a higher power and prevention of the relapse.
Having this spirituality is individualized and is recognizing a higher power other than yourself. Having spirituality has nothing to do with one’s religion or believing in a GOD. Alcoholics Anonymo...

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...nhancing mental health and overcoming many mental disorders. Mindfulness meditation and Mantra meditation are practices with underlying mechanisms that can aid a person who is in recovery. Although meditation can be difficult to understand for the new recovering addict, those who stick with it and practice every day have positive outcomes. These people in recovery have better acceptance, self-management, relaxation and awareness then people in recovery who do not practice meditation. They are more likely to remain clean and sober because they simply have the tools to be happy and peaceful. Finally, counselors should be trained more in meditation. Meditation is a cheap, effective tool that can be used anywhere. It is important for everyone to know that even with all the positive effects of meditation, it is not a cure for addiction, simply an aid in prevention.

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