How Students Better Prepare For The Future Knowing That Technology Will Somehow Be A Part Of Their Future

How Students Better Prepare For The Future Knowing That Technology Will Somehow Be A Part Of Their Future

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How students better prepare for the future knowing that technology will somehow be a part of their future? Through the use of the iPad, interactive computer games designed specifically for learning, teaching digital literacy, incorporating videos and flipping our classrooms. The use of the iPad and technology provides the necessary platform for learning in the twenty-first century, and is a part of the California standards known in part as the Common Core.

Technology bridges science and deeper understanding of the world,
There have been new trends in technology with such innovations as the interactive smart board, classroom performance systems, and wireless devices, but the iPad provides the most promise both in and outside of the classroom, as it enhances teaching and learning in all environments. Education applications designed for interactive learning are being made at alarming rates, and while most teenagers have cell phones and computers, having the iPad issued to every student in the school allows for equal opportunity for an in depth learning through technology that would allow students to have access to the library anywhere on campus and downloading information anywhere they can get a signal.
Furthermore, the iPad can replace heavy textbooks while eliminating a lost paper or notebook. Technology is the bridge between science and inquiry-based learning.

Digital learning, as such with the iPad, needs to start with the teacher, whose teaching is enhanced by technology. Companies on the Internet such as SecurEdge help a school or teacher implement technology into the classroom (Wainwright, 2013). Science has a lot to do with the size of things. If you are learning biology or chemistry, you are learning about the small...

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...ers, coaches, and students used to evaluate skills and knowledge in a digital society (ISTE, 2014).


Today teenager uses cell phones, instant messaging, and the Internet to communicate. They have grown up with technology and feel comfortable using technology, making the iPad a crucial component of a classroom-learning environment. The iPad allows all students to have equal access to information that can enhance their learning and their learning process through a variety of interactive applications. Students may explore their world and develop an better understanding both microscopically and macroscopically with the use of an iPad. Inquiry based science can be explored with the iPad as students have access to the library anywhere on campus they can receive an signal.

“I hear and I forget. I see and I remember. I do and I understand,” Chinese proverb.

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