How Strict Rules Affect a Persons Perspective on Life Essay

How Strict Rules Affect a Persons Perspective on Life Essay

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In North Korea, Kim Jong Un rules a totalitarian government. He took over after his father died in 2011, and has been in power ever since. When Kim Il-Sung was in power he set up a 3 generation labor camp system. These camps are all over North Korea, they hold a lot of prisoners and after 3 generations don’t let them leave the camps either. Camp 14 is located in the middle of North Korea, and where Shin, his mother and his brother live. Very strict and harsh rules are implemented in the camp, and the repercussions are even worse. Prisoners work long and hard all day long with little to no time for breaks. Shin lives a harsh life not knowing what love is, and feeling pain every day. How do strict rules affect a persons perspective on life? In Blaine Harden’s biography, Escape From Camp 14, Strict rules can change your mindset, your actions, and your thought-process. Shin and every other person in these camps definitely do not act like or think like normal human beings, they don’t feel most emotions that a regular everyday person would. They live without love, happiness, Kindness, Friendship, relaxation, and most importantly hope. The strict rules implemented on the prisoners mess up their mindsets so much that turning in your own family to be put to death for breaking the rules isn’t even a question.
Shin is not a normal kid. He did not have a loving and nurturing childhood, he does not have much contact with his father right now, and soon he will not have any family at all. To Shin is mother was just another person, he stole her lunch sometimes, he did not care for her, and neither did she care for him. On April 6, 1996 Shin’s mother and brother tried to escape the camp. His mother and brother were prepared to leave Shin alone in...

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...he saw her as competition for survival” (Harden 31). Shin not only didn’t see her as his mother, but as someone he had to beat out to live basically. Because Shin did not know what love was, he thought she was just another person. The strict rules in the camp indoctrinated him so much to turn against his own mother at times.
Camp 14 in North Korea is a very harsh labor camp, one of the camps created by Kim Il-Sung over 50 years ago. Strict Rules affect a persons thought process, mindset, and actions, as shown in the camp. Prisoners lacked essential emotions, and that really effects a person in the biggest ways. Shin was very lucky to escape such a bad place, as he lives in the United States now, he sees how the camp indoctrinated you and how it affected your perspective on life.

Works Cited

Harden, Blaine. Escape From Camp 14. London: Penguin Books, 2012. Print.

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