Essay on How Stress Affects People Physically And Psychologically

Essay on How Stress Affects People Physically And Psychologically

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According to a survey in UK involving about a 1000 university students, 92% of the students admitted to getting stressed during exam time and about one fifth of these students have admitted to anxiety attacks. About 61% of the students talked about suffering from sleeplessness or insomnia, 51% students suffered from migraines and about 47% said they had resorted to stress eating (Branagh). Stress is what the individual feels when faced with an unpleasant situation. Stress is so common among people that it is seen as a way of life. It tends to produce adverse mental and psychological effects. Some examples of situations where people are commonly seen to be stressed are the loss of a loved one, loss of a job, failure or even an approaching failure. The most common reason for stress among younger individuals is examination. Almost all of them are under the pressure to give the best they can mostly to satisfy some criteria to get into their desired college or to satisfy parents or their own personal goals. Exam stress affects people physically and psychologically. Each person is affected differently, depending on the situation and the person’s state of mind, sometimes pushing the individual to consider extreme measures such as suicides.
All individuals have their own states of mind depending on their preparation, the kind of outside pressure they are put under or the importance of the goal they want achieved. Exams are normally approached with nervousness and fear. People have a lot to worry about when it comes to exams, such as: not doing well enough to get into their desired college, self-disappointment or the fear of disappointing others, embarrassment or the loss of respect among colleagues that comes along with failure or bad gra...

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...ure on students instead of focusing only on producing great results.
Exam stress is an issue that must be given a thought since its responsible for so many lives in so many countries. The need to satisfy family and societal expectation takes a toll on students. Some of these students are often pushed to take the extreme step of ending their own lives. Sometimes parents and the education system tend to only push the student over the limit instead of encouraging them, this has a negative impact on the student and adds to the stress. Students should instead be encouraged and motivated and devise ways to combat stress. The education boards should always be looking for ways to improve the education system that would not only produce qualified students but provide quality education by inducing the least amount of stress possible and possibly put an end to these suicides. 

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