Essay How Stereotyping Affects Other People

Essay How Stereotyping Affects Other People

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Have you ever stopped to think how stereotyping affects other people? People have been affected by stereotyping over most of their lives. It normally starts with preschool and works its way up past the age of eighteen. Children learn to stereotype at a young age. College students and professors continue this horrible pattern. But to top it off people still stereotype others way into their late ages. Stereotyping is found in everyday events and in the work place. Stereotyping should be put to a stop. It’s affecting people’s lives in a negative manner.
Children are taught to stereotype at a young age (Schneider 353). They pick up the stereotypes from their parents and other relatives before they even attend preschool. Though once in preschool, their peers and the people that watch them only help to reinforce the stereotypes (Schneider 353). “They may acquire negative attitudes toward other ethnic groups well before they have supporting beliefs or stereotypes” (Schneider 354). Children first learn to classify other children by race. This development can lead to negative feeling toward the other children. The effect this has on the children being targeted shapes their views. This also starts to set up their perspective on others for later in their life. Children should not be affected by stereotypes. They are innocent and should remain that way. Stereotypes leave a negative effect on their perspective of others.
Though they are older and wiser, college students and professors are not innocent in the act of stereotyping. African American students that attend a mostly white college not only face academic problems, but they also face threats of physical harm from their peers (Beamon 121). Krystal Beamon found data on graduation rate...

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... every aspect of people’s lives in a negative way. Children, at a young age are being unknowingly taught stereotypes. There are college students being stereotyped into positions that don’t require thinking because people believe they are incapable to do so. These students are viewed as the muscle and not the brain. Then employers are discriminating people by not hiring them due to race. This is an illegal matter, but they find different reasons to not hire them. Stereotyping is common amongst different races, but it also is common within races. I believe that if people could stop and think about what they are doing, about how it affect other, then I think stereotyping would decrease significantly. Think about your words and actions beforehand. You may not see the wounds left behind by your harsh words, but they are there. They’re just buried deep within your victim.

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