Essay about How Spirituality Has Influence On The Childhood Cancer Care

Essay about How Spirituality Has Influence On The Childhood Cancer Care

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The purpose of this study was to evaluate how spirituality has an influence in childhood cancer care. Childhood cancer has a lot of effects on a child 's life because of the suffering it causes. Spirituality is a little different than religion itself, because spirituality deals with finding a purpose of life, and plays a role in patient’s care. This article focused on studying how spirituality has an influence on the childhood cancer care which involves psychological aspect of the child, family and the health care team (Lima et al., 2013)

This study reviewed literature via electronic databases such as Scientific Electronic Library Online, PubMed, and Latin American and Caribbean Health Sciences Literature. In addition, more information was gathered from the references lists of the articles that were reviewed. When analyzing the articles, they had to meet certain criteria such as; the article were discussing spirituality in childhood cancer care, articles were written in the English or Portuguese language, the articles were original, recent and had free full text online and that they had analytical experiments and review of other literature. Criteria such as original articles, case reports, editorial and letter to the editors were excluded, and articles containing these criterias were not reviewed (Lima et al., 2013). A total of 20 articles were included for reviewing.

After reviewing all 20 articles by further studying the results showed that the articles showed that spirituality and peace has a higher correlation, and provided with inner peace. Spiritual care helped children recognize their uniqueness, and gave meaning to their life. Furthermore, according to the Journal for Specialists in Pediatric Nursing, giving meaning to ...

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... and helps them cope with their illness. Spirituality can be also dependent on different culture and religion. When a patient has an acute or chronic illness, different sources of spirituality can help them recover, and the along with spiritual aspect, the nurses should also use therapeutic communication, understand loss and grief to provide well patient care.

Furthermore, when evaluating spiritual health, the nurses should look for outcomes such as if the patient has positive responses regarding spirituality if the prayer or meditation helps them, does the spiritual health give them hope and most importantly if they feel more at peace in their spiritual beliefs. Spiritual needs are very important in childhood care, because it gives them hope, helps bringing their families together, is used as a coping strategy, encourages them to find purpose of their life.

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