How Spirituality Affects Our Lives Essay

How Spirituality Affects Our Lives Essay

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According to Hutchison (2015), “religion is symbolic patterns that consists of values, beliefs, behaviors and experiences” (p. 184). I personal conceptualize spirituality as a vital role in my life that helps me during a time of sickness, forgiveness, and needed guidance. Spirituality helps guide me throughout life during the difficult times I have encountered. Spirituality impacts my life in positive ways that influence and regulate my behavior and health. Health is very important to me; I believe the spirit can heal a person from their sickness. It seems that the spirit heals me every time I pray to be healed from sickness. The spirit gives me strength at a time of weakness. When I feel at my lowest point in life I call on the spirit to pick me back up and keep me moving. Forgiveness is hard for me to grasp, why is the spirit so forgiven but we humans are not? I believe the spirit forgives so one day he can restore and renew his people. God’s love and forgiveness are beyond our knowledge and understanding. Many people conceptualize spirituality in the same way therefore, I believe it is necessary to integrate religion into social work practice.
My spiritual preference is Christianity, I believe God of Father, Jesus Christ his Son, and the Holy spirit was created to serve different purposes in life while serving as one. I believe Jesus died for our sins. Christianity to me is more of a relationship with God rather than just a religious practice. The bible to me is God last words and teachings in a matter of faith and practice.
This paper will include a self-assessment of my own spirituality and how I view spirituality. Peer-reviewed scholarly articles will be included in the essay pertaining to spirituality and my belief. In the...

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...e the cultural and spirituality among those who believe. For example, the Children Act of 1989 gives local communities to give consideration to child’s religion, race, and cultural background. It says that social workers must value and respect a person in terms of race, age, ethnicity, sexual orientation and disability. Religion and spirituality will always be an important part of the human race, therefore it is important to acknowledge and understand a client’s religious belief and spirituality (Gilligan and Furness, 2005).
In conclusion to spirituality it is important to use when assessing clients and yourself. It is a necessary vital role that helps in a time of sickness, forgiveness and guidance. I believe religion has influenced my belief in positive manners, and it gives our life meaning and purpose, without spirituality I would be lost, confused and unsaved.

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