How Speed Cameras Be A Common Occurrence Nowadays? Essay

How Speed Cameras Be A Common Occurrence Nowadays? Essay

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Speed cameras seem to be a common occurrence nowadays. On your way to work, school, or just out and about, you’re sure to see a “Photo Enforced” sign somewhere along the way. These things seem to be everywhere, but are they effective in what they’re put in place to accomplish? What are they there to accomplish, one may ask? Some say to make roadways safer by curbing speeders with moderate fines while others think it’s purely a revenue generator for the local and state governments. A fine of $100 or less isn’t going to keep a driver from speeding, at some point or another they will speed therefore deeming the cameras useless. Speeding cameras are a burden to people and have no benefit to anyone other than the local governments and the people hired to run these camera enforcement systems, they are put in place strictly to gain revenue.
The first speed cameras to ever be put in use in the United States was in Friendswood, Texas. As expected it wasn’t too long before public outcry caused the camera to be removed and that was the end of that program. In the United Kingdom a man by the name of Roger Reynolds was put in charge of the UK’s first speed camera located in Surrey, England. Because of his background in photography and employment on the police force, he seemed like an ideal candidate to run the program. The first camera was placed in an area notorious for speeders, Twickenham Bridge. Reynolds thought it would be pretty harsh to ticket people who were just barely over the speed limit, so he set the camera 20 mph over and sure enough, everyone who was caught was doing well over 20. This was the beginning of a technology that would become common place on the roadways less than 20 years later.
The ultimate goal of speed cameras is...

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...uld go to restrict your driving freedom and your legal rights in order to more easily extract money from you.
Sure speed cameras can cause drivers to lower their speeds, but at what cost? Sure we as a community would like to have a safe community where everyone follows the speed limit, but something like this just isn’t practical. Installing cameras definitely isn’t the way to fix this. Speed cameras cause distrust amongst communities and its officials, this is something that should never happen. Instead of installing cameras maybe we should bring community and government together to brainstorm effective methods. A speed bump always slowed me down, how about you? Speed cameras need to be removed off roadways now and replaced with methods that communities can be happy with, that people don’t feel angry towards, that actually promote safety and keep our roadways safe!

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