How Spanish Can Impact Lives Essay

How Spanish Can Impact Lives Essay

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How Spanish Can Impact Lives
Learning a foreign language is an important factor in society today. In order to advance in the world today it is highly recommended that one speaks another language. If people in the United States went to another country we would be at a disadvantage, due to the lack of learning other languages. However, I plan to be able to speak fluently soon. Some reasons it is important I learn to speak Spanish is as follows: I will be able to compete in the business world, I will be able to speak the basics when traveling to somewhere where Spanish is dominant, and also I will be able to see how being bilingual affects the mind.
Everyone has motives to why they make certain decisions. For example, I chose to take Spanish as my second language because I noticed a lot of people I come in contact with speak Spanish. Therefore, being able to learn and speak Spanish will be a great accomplishment. Also, being bilingual is a high demand in the workforce, especially business related fields. I want to have a career as a Forensic Accountant which means I will deal with a d...

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