Essay about How Sociology Plays into Your Life

Essay about How Sociology Plays into Your Life

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What is Sociology?

​Have you ever wondered how sociology plays into your life? Are you influenced by what you see in the movies, on the television, or in Advertisements? Do you use the Internet, go on Facebook, ask Google questions, visit chat sites, or read blogs? These are just a few of the many life situations that can help bring the light onto sociology and how it plays into your life.

What is Sociology? Sociology is the scientific study of social behavior and human groups. Sociology simply focuses on social relationships; how one relationship can influence people’s behavior; and how societies, the sum total of those relationships, develop and change (Schaefer, Page 5).

As a leading sociologist, C. Wright Mills described the best way to understand Sociology was by the sociological imagination, which is the awareness of the relationship between an individual and the wider society, both of today and in the past (Mills [1959] 2000a)(Schaefer, Page 5). With the sociological imagination, we are able to go beyond our own personal experiences and observations to understand the broader public issues. An example would be divorce, a hardship on a husband and wife. Would this be considered a social concern or individual’s problem?

C. Wright Mills states that by using the sociological imagination, divorce can be viewed as a social concern. By this we can see that an increase in the divorce rate actually redefines a major institution – the family. Households now include stepparents and half-siblings whose parents divorced and remarried. Through these complexities of the blended family, this once private concern becomes a public issue that can affect the schools, government agencies, businesses, and religious institutions. (Schaef...

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...alking with our friends, family members, joining a club, becoming a member of a group, whether it be a sports group to a religious group. We have multiple perspectives we can use that can help us along the way as were listed in paragraph eight. The Functionalist Perspective, The Conflict Perspective, The Interactionist Perspective, and The Feminist Perspective.

With sociology it can offer a way of seeing and understanding the social part of the world in which we live and shape our lives; it looks beyond our normal views of reality where it could provide a deeper understanding of the social life. As we understand the particular perspectives, social theories, and research methods, we can see that sociology is the discipline that expands our awareness of the cultures, the institutions, and the human social relationships that shape both our lives and the human history.

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