How Sociology And Other Social Sciences Be Considered As A Notable And Valuable Recognition Of Academic Discipline?

How Sociology And Other Social Sciences Be Considered As A Notable And Valuable Recognition Of Academic Discipline?

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This essay will include definitions and concepts of how theorists perceive sociology. Sociological thinking will be explained and discussed as to why it is important and how it can contribute to certain questions within society. In addition, this essay will look at the debate of whether Sociology and other social sciences should be considered as a notable and valuable recognition of academic discipline.

According to Giddens & Sutton 7th edn. (2013), Sociology is ‘defined as the scientific study of human life, social groups, whole societies and the human world as such’. A more in-depth interpretation of sociology is that it is the study of society and how it impacts individuals’ decision making, values and morals. The social science itself is very broad as it investigates sociological topics and issues from a macro perspective (that looks at greater organisations and social systems) or a micro perspective (that focuses more human small- scale interactions). A variety of quantitative and qualitative research methods are used when examining social activity. Sociology is commonly criticised as being simply a form of ‘common sense’ as the themes that are sociologically researched are what society claims to already know. Nonetheless, there is a clear difference between the two. Common sense is based on personal experience and understanding yet sociology investigates into these understandings and produces theories which can later be proven or refuted. For instance, a person with a mental illness in the medieval period was seen as ‘satanically possessed’ by demons. But now in present day with access to greater knowledge, a person suffering from mental illness is someone who needs psychiatric, scientific and medical help.

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...information then humanities understanding of society and the relationships among individuals within a society would be non-existent. No one would know why people may or may not be wired to commit crimes or why primary socialisation of children at an early age is important.

Many people would query what is sociology for and why should anyone care about it. Self-enlightenment and an increased self-understanding can be delivered from thinking sociologically. It makes individuals aware of culture and diversity and that there is not just one type of society. Social sciences are seen as not dependable or academically stimulating as natural sciences. But as Goodall & Oswald cites, ‘what principally matters is whether social scientists are doing their job of helping humans to understand the world and improve life’.
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