How Society Impacted Public Policy Essay

How Society Impacted Public Policy Essay

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Since the beginning of time there has been crime and punishment. Eve ate the apple, convinced Adam to do the same and they were both kicked out of the garden. For every action, there is a reaction and based on how society views the crime it effects how harsh of a punishment is received. As society changes and advances the need for crime, punishment and rehabilitation grows and teaches society boundaries of what is and is not acceptable by deterrence. For example, prior to the rape reform, a husband was exempt a rape charge because he did not need consent to have sex with his wife. According to the law it was her duty and he was entitled to it. However, the feminist movement stirred a social uprising of angry bra burning women that enlightened policy makers and eventually changed society’s views and the law. To get a better understanding of how society impacts public policy we must understand history of corrections, the shift in sentencing laws, how ones ideas about multiculturalism and diversity impact their response to crime and the need for rehabilitation and punishment to toda...

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