How Socialization During Our Childhood Essay

How Socialization During Our Childhood Essay

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There are many ways socialization during our childhood fosters positive or negative prejudices towards others. Its roots in history is an indication that these attitudes are continually passed down from generation to generation. Prejudices do not have to stem from an incident that occurred to the person who upholds the attitudes. It often is an intellectually lazy notion in that the belief, whether positive or negative, is just a factual component of the stereotyped group and should not be questioned. The lack of inquiry can play a part in cognitive rigidity because the belief about a group is not applicable to all of the members of that group which creates a false conception. If someone comes along that would call these negative attitudes into question, whether than completely doing away with the stereotype, that person would be viewed as an exception of that group and the belief would still be maintained. This is considered a component of stereotypes because of the new information being resisted.
The normative theory of prejudice discusses societal influences on cultural norms that communicate to people how they should be. If a child exists in a society that is more accepting of differences among others, than that child may not adhere to prejudices as much as a child that exists in a social setting that encourages the complete opposite attitude. Children in social settings that promote less tolerance of others may fall into the phenomenon of in-groups and out-groups. Children may have more of a preference for their particular in-group based on similarities in attitudes, beliefs, appearances, goals, and other cultural components. Out-groups may encourage hostility because of the lack of knowledge of that group which could lead ...

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... things that keep me invested in both my religion and music preferences. Realizing that we are all on this journey of life that will cause us to fall short and lose sight of others encourages me to actively try to negate negative prejudices. I believe in a God who is not entirely separate from us. I believe that He has knowledge of our emotions and can empathize with how we are navigating through this world. I don’t believe that He wants us to hold onto these negative attitudes and beliefs towards each other. I believe that unity is what He would want and anything that threatens that should not be a part of our psychological processes and actions. If we could incorporate this notion into our daily lives, then it is a possibility that we can rid ourselves of these negative, invisible, and impactful cultural components that have been a part of our society for too long.

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