How Socialization Affects Individuals Develop Human Growth And Cultural Learning

How Socialization Affects Individuals Develop Human Growth And Cultural Learning

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Socialization refers to the lasting social interactive process by which individuals develop human growth and cultural learning through different social mediums. The product of socialization allows an individual to interact with society itself by sharing common traditions, norms, and values. Further, the stimulant that gives each person a distinct self-identity are seen as agents of society. As one progresses through life, the behavior of an individual alters according to their surroundings and the elements that cause this development are known as agents of socialization. These central components of society have played a crucial role in giving an individual a sense of identity and cultural connection. In addition, the most prominent agents of socialization include family, school, peers, religion, media, and sports. It is through these mediums that individuals inherit a set of ideals and principles as well as their position in the social structure such as race, ethnicity, and gender.
The transfer of beliefs, traditions, and norms between generations is carried out by these agents of socialization. Occasionally, the first agent to have a profound influence is one 's family. Furthermore, the manner at which a child is raised is influenced by the occupational conditions of the parents, which has been shown in a study done by Melvin Kohn. He argued that, "Class differences in parent-child relationships are a product of differences in parental values with middle-class parents ' values centering on self-direction and working-class parents ' values on conformity to external proscriptions" (Kohn 471). For instance, I was born and raised in the Philippines by middle-class parents. Both my mother and father were very strict on how I presen...

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...g all of his deeds. Hence, there would be polarizing relationships and behaviors between the parent-child of religious and non-religious groups. Through a study conducted by Joseph Fichter, he found that "The religious family provides a happier childhood, makes the child more self-confident, offers broader social opportunities, is more concerned about education, exhibits a more active paternal role, and is more alert to the child 's behavior" (25). For instance, both my parent are very religious. Ever since I was a child, they have induced a sense of religious responsibility into my way of life. In addition, the private institution I attended in the Philippines is a Roman Catholic oriented school. Considering that I was surrounded by a religious environment when I was young, I learned that there are some boundaries in regards to the way I perceive the world and life.

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