How Social Network Sites ( Sns ) Attract International Students Essay

How Social Network Sites ( Sns ) Attract International Students Essay

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1. Introduction

The world is changing and advancing every day and with the use of current visual medias such as social networking websites. New Zealand attracts many people around the world and in particular an increasing amount of immigrants, in particular Chinese international students. Relatively, opportunities of New Zealand attract many international students especially Chinese international students who look to choose New Zealand as their destination to further develop their education. Although there is a high volume of students they are faced with many motivations

1.1 Aim

The aim of this research is to evaluate how social network sites (SNS) attract international student’s intentions to study in New Zealand. Specifically, primary and secondary data will be conducted to assess how Chinese international students choose New Zealand through social networks sites.
Limitations of this study will include qualitative research that will be conducted on a small scope of Chinese international students studying at the University of Waikato. The research will not represent the generalised public; therefore, will only represent a one-sided approach. The research will be analysed in parts; including; secondary sources such as articles and journals and primary sources that will be conducted through surveys.

1.2. Objectives

In order to achieve the aim, the following objectives were developed:
1. To explore the relationship of SNSs relationships between Chinese international students and their decision on choosing New Zealand for their educational needs.
2. To review relevant academic literature, including articles focussing on international students and SNSs.
3. To explore the research design that motivates Chinese international s...

... middle of paper ...

...municate to those who understand their culture on a mainstream level as well as being able to communicate to their families and friends in China. Communicating in New Zealand is however is easier to migrate to as the history of New Zealand accepts multi-cultures being a readily established and open country to people all over the world (Matcher & Govender, 2012, p. 25).
With support to the multi-cultural background of New Zealand Liu (2015, p. 306-307) states that 69.8% of Chinese international students believe there are more opportunities to develop in New Zealand and more importantly the rate of lifestyle is higher with good social and natural environments. Although studies have revealed Chinese students are selecting New Zealand to pursue their studies, there is no link to the impacts, social network sites and motivations of why they choose to move to New Zealand.

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