How Social Media Is Changing Politics Essay

How Social Media Is Changing Politics Essay

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Cary, Mary Kate. "5 Ways New Media Are Changing Politics." 4 Feburary 2010. U.S. News. 14 October 2015

In this article Mary Kate Cary opens up with the supreme court decision to not restrict the use of corporate funds in political advertising so that she can make her point that big money ads are not the most effective way for candidates to reach American constituents. She argues that social media is a new way for politicians to connect with citizens. Her five claim are that Americans can now, choose the media they wish to consume, share the media they choose the share, like posts they agree with and dislike posts they do not agree with, connect with others on social media, and donate to candidate campaigns online. With these claims she comes to the conclusion that politicians want to go around mainstream media so that they can connect directly with the voters.
The purpose of this article is to persuade the reader that social media is the new alternative to mainstream big money ads for politicians. Cary’s intended audience is politicians, political campaign managers and politically engaged citizens. The tone of this article is informative but slightly opinionated. While Cary does back up her claims with notable quotes and statistics the main support for her argument is her professional opinion. Cary was formerly the White House speech writer for President George H. W. Bush and is currently writes speeches for business and political leaders while also contributing to U.S News. U.S News is a multi-platform publisher that has become a leading provider in service news and information.
This article will be useful for my paper on how the changes in media affect political view and campaigns in the United States. The source helps ex...

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...ain what happened earlier that. UIW police department got two calls Tuesday afternoon reporting a possible gunman on campus. The campus sent alerts to the students and the students started to post on social media. Once the students posted parents began to get involved as well.
The purpose of this article is to inform the people of San Antonio of the Incident that happened at UIW. The authors’ tone is informative and subjective, there is no evident bias. Their claim is that there were two high alert incidents at UIW on the evening of October 27. The authors’ support their claim with witness testimonies, schoo and police officials, and social media posts
This article could help me with my final paper because it shows how quickly social media can spread information. This will also give me a recent occurance of how socail media is changing how people share information.

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