How Social Media Has Taken Over Essay

How Social Media Has Taken Over Essay

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Social media sites have taken over almost everyone’s house; almost everyone has an account in one of social media sites or at least knows what social media sites are. Rouse and Wigmore (2012) pointed out that “Social media is the collective of online communications channels dedicated to community-based input, interaction, content-sharing and collaboration.” So basically, social media sits are free sites that anyone can sing up for in order to keep in touch and communicate with others. In addition, Rouse and Wigmore gave some example of social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Reddit.
In these days, we might feel that we are being more social than before where people are able to contact each other, friends, family or even stranger while we do not need to leave our houses or even our computer’s screen. We can organize events and invite thousands of people within minutes. Also, we are able to play games with strangers, talk face to face in video call or give others in the world news update by sharing a photo or a post in a moment. It can be true that social media sites have negative impact in many people and make us less social; however, it has helped us more is term of knowing about relative, friends, and lovers.
In addition, Social media sites have pros and cons as any other things in life. Starting off with pros, Social media sites allow information to spread faster around the world, we can send and spread so many information and news by only clicking one button. According to, “Social networking sites are the top news source for 27.8% of Americans, ranking close to newspapers (28.8%) and above radio (18.8%) and other print publications (6%)” (2013). So social media sits are being to be more important source for...

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...s spreading information faster and make relationships more cohesive especially for teens. In contrast, social media sits also have cons such us it cannot stops spreading unreliable. In the final analysis, social media sits can make people more social; it allows busy people that have jobs and families to keep in touch with others, and it helps students who study abroad to be able to read and see the news about his/her family and friends overseas.

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