How Social Media Can Bring A Family History Essay

How Social Media Can Bring A Family History Essay

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Modern day technologies offer numerous resources for all people, whether you are a student or a businessman. Information Technology can provide a plethora of options socially, educationally, and professionally. Social media can bring a family history to light, introducing the knowledge of bloodline and background. The internet can be used for the negative as well, as it leaves traces of the past that often come back to haunt an individual. Regardless of the positives and negatives, the World Wide Web has put data at our fingertips. For example, YouTube gives us the option to learn how to replace an alternator in a vehicle and directly after discover how to play guitar scales, in the push of a button. The net allows us to connect with old friends from youth and easily access invites to events. Most importantly, surfing the information highway grants details on jobs, companies, and their associates.
Social media is widely used in this day and age to keep up with friends, family, and even enemies. Sites such as Facebook offer affordable advertisement for small to big businesses and help promote musicians and artists. The internet has helped my family discover a side of the family tree that was unknown for years and informed my mother of her father’s passing. Without social media, I wouldn’t continue to stay in touch with my high school class or my cousins that live hundreds of miles away. On a social level, the internet can assist or damage my future. On one hand, social media sites can allow me to network with a diverse group of people and rapidly receive new information on world news and employment opportunities. However, if an employer fully researched my past and present profiles, they might not always find professional behavi...

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...cause every work environment can operate on its own. Information technology will absolutely assist me in my professional future by setting up advanced forms of communication, faster production times, and record protection for both work and life.
In conclusion, information technology has multiple perks socially, educationally, and professionally. Socially, it has helped reunite families and educationally, has turned lives around and created successful members of society. Professionally, it helps businesses protect their companies from all directions. It allows companies to research potential employees and speed up their production. Employees have used information technology to prepare for work by writing professional resumes and researching the job itself. If information technology has helped the whole world move forward, why wouldn’t it assist in my future?

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