Essay on How Social Media Became A Powerhouse

Essay on How Social Media Became A Powerhouse

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How Social Media Became a Powerhouse

Social media is defined as websites and applications that enable users to create and share content or to participate in social networking. Now years before, social media was not even a part of the world we live in, and people had to come up with new ideas and ways of communicating. However, over the years due to advancements in technology and automation, people around the world have been given an opportunity to communicate not only in the proximity that they live in but expand outside their city, state or country and interact with people around the world. Ultimately, social media has created a gateway for people to use their interpersonal skills and develop a relationship with people they would not normally have a chance to converse with. Leadership qualities are what makes a person who they are and without them, we, as humans, would not be able to influence others to let them know they can be in the same shoes as the leaders are in. Gratefully, social media has created the establishment for people to relax and contemplate what they what to get out of life. Where would some people be today if they were unable to use social media as an advantage to release their raw emotion as well as communicate with several people in different places without having to worry about traveling?
Traveling is not a walk in the park nowadays. Traveling is exorbitant and can really drain the amount of money someone has with them due to the fast-paced society that is constantly growing and developing every second. Currently with the option of social media in place, human beings are able to express their opinions and ideas without having to travel. Even though traveling is usually covered, the amount of time...

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...ser to what we are trying to achieve. Social media is a great example of how that came about because social media provided everyone with a way to talk to people and express the same raw/real emotion that could be expressed in person. Communication is a key aspect of life because as humans we communicate everyday with our family, friends, teachers, administrators, and people we meet from day to day. If social media was non-existent then some people would not have some of the leadership qualities that they possess today. By the raw/real emotion that is expressed, we are able to determine what people are trying to get across. Gratefully, social media created a place for people to interact without spending money on traveling, worrying about the connection they will have and most importantly, the effect social media has in determining a person’s leadership qualities.

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