How Social Media Affects Your Potential New Employer Someone Of You? Essays

How Social Media Affects Your Potential New Employer Someone Of You? Essays

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Remember the chapter previously that suggested you should send a picture and that you will be judged on your appearance, race, gender, etc. You will also be judged by the friends you have on social media. It doesn’t make your employer a bad person, it makes your employer human.

Going back to the lab example, which do you think is more appealing? A Google+ or social media profile that is full of friends from a local nightclub? Or a profile full of prominent scientific experts, influencers, politicians, doctors, and upstanding citizens? Do you want your potential new boss to click on an image of one of your friends to see that person’s profile full of weed smoking content and pictures? Can you honestly say that your weed-smoking friend’s profile will not have an impact on what your potential new employer thinks of you?

Manipulating people on social media

Let’s sneak in a few tips on manipulating people on social media because you will not find them in other books.

Maybe you have trouble attracting professionals on your LinkedIn profile because you are too young, or too inexperienced, or whatever reason it is. Create lots of fake LinkedIn profiles with fake photos of different people, old, young, black, white, male, female, etc. Post fake details that make you appear highly qualified in the area you want to work in.

Now, make friends/connections with those fake profiles. Once you have, start suggesting and recommending to these people that they add your real profile. After a long and dedicated campaign, you will eventually convince people to connect with you on LinkedIn. Plus, you can prod and communicate with professionals and experts using your fake LinkedIn profiles to get information that would have otherwise been unavail...

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...hy not learn factory worker skills? Technician skills, janitor or maintenance skills?

The complimentary good principle suggests that a high demand for factory workers and the taking on of lower-skilled worker will push the cost of workers down after the market adjusts. The complimentary good principle suggests that the price of trainers, managers, HR staff and even employment agency staff will go up. Being a lower-skilled factory worker gives you the experience you need on the floor without having to move mountains to get hired, and the skills you learn in night classes and at seminars help you be promoted when the demand for trainers, managers, and HR staff increases and the cost of hiring such people from outside the company goes up.

If you want to understand why and how this principle works, read “Economics: Principles in action” (by Sullivan & Sheffrin, 2003).

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