Essay about How Social Classes Affect The Individual

Essay about How Social Classes Affect The Individual

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As in most societies, The United States is stratified, meaning that our society is structured in a way that continuously fosters the unequal distribution of wealth and power amongst social groups. The system of stratification that we use in the United States is the Class System. It consists of upper, upper-middle, middle, working, and lower class. In contrast to other forms of stratification, this system allows for social mobility because individuals can move up or down the social ladder. Even though it is difficult for some people to openly discuss or acknowledge the fact that there are differences amongst groups in America, it is important to understand those differences and why they exist, and how social classes affect the individual. Social classes influence the person that we become. They dictate and shape our daily lives by virtually all that we do. The effects of it can be observed through various aspects of ones lifestyle. The manner in which we communicate and interact with one another, the way that we dress, the foods that we eat, what we choose to watch or read, and even the skills that we acquire all relate to social class.
We are constantly being socialized into different situations, and the manner in which we get socialized differs and is based on the social class in which one belongs to. Depending on the social class that individual is taught differently. Families play a major role in the socialization and development of their children, because they teach them the ways of their social class. They impose the values, beliefs, and norms that correlate to the class in which they belong to. I grew up in a working class home with my older brother and sister, and both of my parent’s. Both styles of parenting were present ...

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...ass into two groups. The first group consisted of the students who did well in the subject and the second group were the students who struggled with it. What was interesting is that the students in the second group, including myself, were the same students that I rode the bus with, the ones that lived in the same neighborhood as me, and were of the same social class. I noticed that the teacher seemed more enthusiastic with the other group. Their learning experience was more interactive and engaging, whereas ours was the normal lesson plan and worksheets. To be completely honest that did discourage me. Even at a young age kids do notice these differences, and they try to make sense of them without fully knowing and understanding what is going on.
Reflecting on how I grew up and applying the concepts that I have learned, gives me a new way to look at my experiences.

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