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How Social Change Has Impacted Society Essay example

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The aim of this report was to investigate how social change has impacted people from the Greek culture growing up in Australia in the 1960’s and then compare the findings to the youth of today.
The procedure was to research information on the 1980’s and today’s generation. Then conduct 2 interviews, 1 with a male-aged 53 from a Greek cultural background who will be identified as T, a female-aged 48 from a Greek cultural background who will be identified as H and also a female Guest speaker who was a teenager in the 1980’s.
Attitude towards parents
As time goes on; there are significant changes in how people act towards their parents; whether it is minor or major changes. Back in the day teenagers would have a lot more respect for the parents and help around the house a lot more then in today’s society. “When I was younger I would help my mother around the house all the time, I would make sure that I have all the house work done before I went out” stated from H. “Whenever I would talk back to my parents they would without a doubt grab a belt or a wooden spoon and hit my arm or leg with it, to teach me a lesson.” Said T. This is quite different to how this issue would be resolved in today’s society from Greek parents, they are no longer using a belt or a wooden spoon to threaten their children as often as they used to. In our days, parents are using more verbal consequences rather than physical. Generation Y teenagers have different attitudes towards their parents compared to Generation X. The relationship that Gen Y teenagers have with their parent s also differs to how Gen X teenagers would communicate with their parents. “I would talk to my mum more than my dad for sure, but when I would talk to ...

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...that many teenagers attend, “When I was a teenager there weren’t as many Greek attractions being held that I could go to.” Said H. The Greek culture is now being introduced more in Australia as all of these attractions are becoming more known and common to the Greek Community.
Overall, social change has had a major impact on how Greek Parents treat their children compared to parents from other different cultures. The Greek teenagers in 1980’s compared to the Greek teenagers in nowadays have experienced different life styles which has impacted them on the way they are living. The changes have occurred due to social change and that is simply because times have changed and they will continue to change. The way teenagers treat their parents, the way husbands treat their wives and the way teenagers are acting has all been influenced by social change over time.

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