How Social And Other Dilemmas Affected Poverty Essay

How Social And Other Dilemmas Affected Poverty Essay

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Throughout history, poverty has been affected by many historical, social and political factors. These factors have not only influence debates about the’ worthiness’ of a person, but the role of government in poverty. Thus, in this essay, we will discuss how social and other dilemmas has affected poverty in the Unites States and maintain individual from addressing poverty at a large scale level.
One of the things that has affected poverty historically has been blaming the poor for their own living conditions. In fact, when I was living in Peru, I notice that both the people and the government refuse to help the people suffering from poverty because they saw their living conditions as a consequence of their actions. For instance, they thought that people were poor because they were incompetent, lack job preparation or simply because they preferred that living style. Thus, as a result, most poor people in my country were considered unworthy of assistance because they were seen guilty of their own actions. Possibly for these reasons, there are few organizations in my country that focus to improve the living conditions of people. Even if there are social organizations, most come from religious backgrounds and charities that tend to help only worthy individuals, while ignoring the social and economic conditions of those considered unworthy. These ideas have predominantly affected the development of social welfare in my country because it has shape the perspective that help should be a benefit of only worthy individual and a responsibility of charities.
In fact, deciding who is worthy and unworthy of assistance is not historically new. For example, during the Elizabethan poor laws, assistance was given primarily to individuals with pron...

... middle of paper ... of diversity.
. Finally, my family’s experience has also make me realize the importance that family dynamics and context has in social welfare. Even though, both of my parents were children when they experience poverty and thus worthy of assistance for religious and non- profits organizations, they still did not receive help from these organizations because of their family’s dynamics which were considered unworthy of assistance. That said, I feel that while the dilemma of worthy and unworthy is a big discussion in America, family dynamics is often overlook because we still think that organizations are valuing children regardless of their family’s backgrounds. However, this is far away from true, as organizations and the government are still prioritizing their worthy and unworthy beliefs even to the children of individuals who are consider unworthy of assistance.

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