Essay on How Sneakers Are Used For Outdoor Activities

Essay on How Sneakers Are Used For Outdoor Activities

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Sneakers are a kind of shoes which sole are flexible rubber, and the upper part is made of leather. These types of shoes were designed for outdoor activities mainly as sportswear, but over the recent years have seen changes and modifications and are worn modernly for functions that are not formal. They were worn during sporting activities such as tennis, basketball, baseball, athletics and other physical sports.
In England, these kinds of shoes are known as “trainers.” The names vary in different English-speaking countries in Africa, Australia, and Asia. In the old British English, they were referred as “plimsols” (Jones, 2006). This is because of their resemblance to the waterline of a ship. The waterline is used to mark up to what amount of cargo the ship can carry. In Welsh English, they are known as “daps” while in America this word refers to a form of greeting involving fist bumping, which was started by black Americans who were in the Navy as a greeting for the black movement. The word “sneakers” is mostly used in Florida and North Eastern parts of the United States of America while other places prefer using their slang to describe this shoe.
People obsessed with sneakers, and in most cases have different brands of this kind of shoe are referred to as Sneakerheads. The various brands of sneakers are called a collection. They may range from modern sneakers to old school sneakers.
In Britain, this shoe dates back to early 1870’s, when they got the name plimsols (Jones, 2006). Before 1870’s, there was no difference between the right leg plimsol and the left one, since they both looked same. However, this changed after 1870 where each shoe matched its foot, which made the shoe be referred to as sneakers...

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Shoes are the first things that people are drawn to in an outfit. They are not only things used just to walk on, but they say much about us. They show fashionable we are but beyond style, they communicate much more; our sexual desires, aesthetic sense, social status, and personality. (Riello, G, & McNeil, P.2006)
Sneakers can be a very promising investment. As per the research, the most promising brand is Nike due to the availability of a range of designs from the limited editions to the regular ones. Nike has spent thirty years rebranding itself and over the years, they have satisfied their customers. They have designed shoes that have a slight advantage over other shoes for various ages (Gould, N, 1985). The presence of online seller protection software has also increased the safety of this industry. Let this be a hobby, let this be a great investment. .

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