Essay How Smoking Affects Your Body

Essay How Smoking Affects Your Body

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How do u think smoking affects your body. The use of tobacco is dangerous and it could cause he/she too have cancer. Tobacco smoke harms nearly every organ in the human body including these major organs lung, liver, eyes, skin, uterus, and penis. As you inhale cigarette smoke, the 7,000 or so carcinogens begin to swirl through the caverns of your body, beginning in your esophagus and winding up in distant locations you wouldn’t give second thought to. The truth is, for all its declining popularity, smoking still emerges as the single greatest preventable cause of death in the United States(“Weller”). Each year, some 480,000 die from smoking-related causes. Here are six organs that feel the effects in the meantime.
How many people do you think dies from smoking every year. Tobacco use kills more than 400,000 people annually, 30 percent of whom will die from cancer related disease due to smoking. If current trends continue , tobacco use will kill 83% more present more in 2030(“Global Tobacco Control”).Our global tobacco control program supports advocacy and research and builds the capacity of leaders and organizations in low and middle-income countries to effectively counter the tobacco industry’s efforts to undermine tobacco control. A central aim of the Society’s tobacco control program is to support implementation and enforcement of effective tobacco control policies. Our program has a particular focus on sub-Saharan Africa, given that the African continent is home to the highest increase in the rate of tobacco use in the developing world.
More than one of six people in the U.S. are dying from smoking, making it more lethal than AIDS, automobile accidents, homicides, suicides, drug overdose, and fire combined. The U.S. spends ...

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...ecause it changes your brain. The brain develops extra nicotine receptors to accommodate the large doses of nicotine from tobacco. When the brain stops getting the nicotine it’s used to, the result is nicotine withdrawal. You may feel anxious, irritable, and have strong cravings for nicotine.Hearing loss(“”). Smoking reduces the oxygen supply to the cochlea, a snail-shaped organ in the inner ear. This may result in permanent damage to the cochlea and mild to moderate hearing loss.Smoker’s face. Smoking can cause your skin to be dry and lose elasticity, leading to wrinkles and stretch marks. Your skin tone may become dull and grayish. By your early 30s, wrinkles can begin to appear around your mouth and eyes, adding years to your face. This is why you shouldn 't smoke or use tobacco in any way it harms your body a is the leading cause of death in the U.S.

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