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How Smartphone Has Affected Children Essays

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How Smartphone Has Affected to Children
“How has smartphone affected to children?” Since the smartphone has become indispensable in our daily lives, apart of our bodies, this kind of question has been asked for last few years and till this moment. We do know that everything has two sides, which are negative and positive, and we try to deal with the negative side by balancing both of them so that we can get more benefits from it. However, children, they are still too young to perceive the potential hazard of using smartphone. They just care about the positive, and neglect the negative effects, which should be considered as well as the positive one. By the time they realize how it affect negatively to their lives, it is maybe too late for them to get out of it because they are already addicted to the smartphone. In my opinion, addicted to the smartphone is as danger as addicted to drugs. Therefore, we should consider this problem carefully for one purpose, which is ensuring that the children can avoid the cost of using smartphone in their lives. The negative effects of the smartphone on children are more serious than we think, it affects badly on their educations, relationships, and health.
As technology has been developed significantly in last few years, the technology of smartphone also gets benefits from that, which moved mobile phone age to smartphone age. Besides the listen and call functions, the smartphone has a bunch of features that we can benefit from it such as listening to music, recording, taking and editing photo, and so on. Moreover, it can be an excellent tool to study for children with the feature such as Siri, Google, dictionary, calculator, and free online books (The Apple’s operating system has a feature called...

... middle of paper ... have changed the world, good or bad, we have to take and deal with it because everything has two sides, positive and negative, and it is not exceptional. After all, itself cannot ruin or harm any children if they have been taught all good and bad about it. As soon as they realize what they can get and lose from using smartphone, the little negative effects they get from that. This is not only about children, it is also about parents and parenting. “It 's not just kids who are overdoing screen time. Parents are often just as guilty of spending too much time checking smartphones and e-mail — and the consequences for their children can be troubling.” Children, they are very easily affected by adult people, especially from their parents. Therefore, if you are in that position, you need to control and limit yourself from smartphone also, to exemplify for your children.

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