How Sleep Disorders Change a Day and Night Essay

How Sleep Disorders Change a Day and Night Essay

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Imagine being that person who can't fall asleep or not having control over when you're about to fall asleep, these might be scenario but for “100 million Americans who suffer from these disorders” it’s reality. This is a medical condition called somnipathy or more commonly known as a sleep disorder, which can affect a persons sleeping pattern if there are severe effects. There are many sleep disorders but the most common ones people know about are Insomnia, Sleep apnea, night terrors, and Narcolepsy. Amongst these four sleeping disorders, their effects could potentially cause pain to a person not only mentally but physically.

Insomnia is “ the most common of sleep disorders involving insufficient sleep, the inability to fall asleep quickly, frequently arousals or early awakenings” (pg. 342). Someone can either have acute which will last several nights, or chronic, which can last months and even years. If someone has Insomnia for longer than several days it then can be considered a chronic disorder. As a result, the quality of your sleep is poor, which makes it difficult to properly function throughout the day.

According to the research study done by Serge Brand , Markus Gerber, and Uwe Pühse; Depression, Hypomania, and Dysfunctional sleep-related Cognitions as Mediators between Stress and Insomnia The Best Advice is not Always found on the Pillow! These researchers were able to gather their data by assembling a test group that consisted of male and females between the ages of 18 years and older. The purpose of this study was to better understand how the functions of insomnia, depression, and hypomania affect the participants sleep patterns. After thorough analysis the researchers were able to found that sleep can signif...

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...rts to lash out on people even though she does not mean it. Not having sleep can really hurt you.
Many people are not born with some of these disorders, but can develop them due to work and the demanding hours a job can have on a person. Working the graveyard ship for years can have it’s effects on your body and mind. While your body is being deprived of something it needs it will try to get what it needs anyway it can. That’s why you may slip in and out of concussions when you’ve had little sleep. If things get too serious do to work a person can develop on of two or three these disorders. For many of these disorders there is no cure so these people have to suffer through their pain, but likely these are things that therapy and medication can potentially help suppress the effects the disorder may have on the individual, to allow them to return to a normal life.

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