How Slavery Was A Revolution Of The Middle And Literally Underneath Washington

How Slavery Was A Revolution Of The Middle And Literally Underneath Washington

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Due to these readings I came to terms with how slavery was literally in the middle and literally underneath Washington D.C. The supposedly best country in the world, a country that escaped from the British are now enslaving African Americans into work. “In the capital of the country that had successfully waged a revolution in the name of democracy and self-determination” Yet the first chance we can we do exactly what the British did to us, take peoples rights away.
Slavery was in the nation’s capital, right outside the White House, only a few hundred yards away. Another astonishing fact, 10 of the first 15 presidents were slave holders (Goodheart) Also found it interesting that the District of Columbia was founded as the nations capital however, “lacked any organized system of modern streetlights, and public lighting was limited,” (Ricks, Ch. 1) compared to other major cities. I found this interesting that the government decided to create this as the capital when it was less developed. However, maybe it had to do partially with the fact slavery was still a widely accepted practice a...

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