How Should Jesus ' Parables Be Read? Essay

How Should Jesus ' Parables Be Read? Essay

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Week 1 – How Should Jesus’ Parables Be Read?
N.T Wright (2008) stated that “When we read the scriptures as Christians, we read it precisely as people of the new covenant and of the new creation” (p.281). In this statement, the author reveals a paradigm of scriptural interpretation that exists for him as a Christian, theologian, and profession and Bishop. When one surveys the entirety of modern Christendom, one finds a variety of methods and perspectives on biblical interpretation, and indeed on the how one defines the meaning in the parables of Jesus. Capon (2002) and Snodgrass (2008) offer differing perspectives on how one should approach the scriptures and how the true sense of meaning should be extracted. This paper will serve as a brief examination of the methodologies presented by these two authors. Let us begin, with an examination of Capon (2002).
As a Lutheran Pastor, I appreciated Capon’s (2002) approach to scripture. First, and foremost, he approaches the text from the understanding that the entirety of scripture is the Word of God which “contains all things necessary for salvation” (p.2). “While it is obvious from the Gospels that Jesus’ real program- his ultimate saving action on behalf of the world- is his death and resurrection, too many Christians seem excessively fond of preaching a different message” (p. 26). It is because of their very nature, that the scriptures must be approached with humility and an “open mind” (p.15), yet the author stated that when interpreting the narrative of scripture, one must look to “where it equivalent” might be in other parts of scripture (p.27).
Although Capon (2002) recognizes that the use of storytelling is not unique to the Bible, he divides the parables of Jesus into ...

... middle of paper ...

...d the Apocryphon of James.
In the explanation of the third commandment, Luther’s Small Catechism states, “We should fear and love God, that we not despise preaching and His Word, but hold it sacred and gladly hear and learn it” (A short explanation, 1965, p.5). As one approaches scripture and its interpretation, it should be remembered that in it, is an ancient voice, telling us what is seeks to convey. One should be open to what the scripture says, and not attempt to read back into scripture that which one wants to find. Capon (2002) agreed with this sentiment, stating, “Often when people try to say what the Bile is about, they let their mind ride roughshod over what actually lies on the pages” (p.3). When the Word of God is approached with a clear heart and an open mind, the study of God’s word may be attempted, allowing the Holy Spirit to speak and do His work.

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