How Search Engine Is Growing Rapidly With The Development Of Web Based Information System

How Search Engine Is Growing Rapidly With The Development Of Web Based Information System

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The importance of search engine is growing rapidly with the development of web based information system. Currently, search engine provides hundreds of millions of results for the query entered in which most of the results are ambiguous or even irrelevant to the context and so we have to spend a lot of time to filter out the required information. This difficulty can be overcome by using the advance search engine which incorporates Natural Language Processing technology to narrow the boundary of search results and save the extra time in filtering the required information. Thus, to achieve this we need to shift from conventional keyword based search engine to a semantic search engine which considers keywords as well as the meaning of the query, vocabulary, ontology and statistic result of the text corpus before displaying the answers to the end users.
With the rapid technological enhancement, accompanied by internet as an unlimited source of information, today’s era has been termed as an information era- considering information as the most valuable assets. However, this competitive, informative world would have not been accomplished if there was no efficient mean to access those deluge of information stored in the huge database. So, the importance of an efficient, accurate and prolific search engine can’t be undermined.
As explained in the Word Stream, search engine has the history back from early 1990’s (from the time of Archie- the very first tool for searching on the internet) to today’s most successful search engine- Google (Word Stream, nd). The primary objective of the contemporary search engines was to search the required documents located in the specific web servers, but with the boom of the web technolo...

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...out cluster in a selected field along with the ‘overview’ or ‘fundamentals’ (Mangold, 2007, p. 23).
The primary objective of the semantic search engine is to overcome the overhead time to filter the unwanted results and to provide more precise links and results to the user by semantic understanding of the keywords entered into the engine. It’s about identifying the intent and contextual meanings of the queries. A semantic search engine should work on the every meaning of words, phrases that can be an input to the system and hence should posse’s linguistic/semantic processor with its own set of the statistical database of vocabulary and with the ability to differentiate the meaning and relationship between the words. However, various research techniques are found to be used in developing such semantic search engine and such techniques will be considered in this paper.

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