How Schools Are Getting It Wrong On School Discipline? Essays

How Schools Are Getting It Wrong On School Discipline? Essays

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Before a change in the school system can occur and be effective , everybody involves must be ready to embrace it . Much emphasis , both theoretical and empirical has been placed on school discipline reform from outside through different government policies and educational laws but little has been said on how the school (The implementer ) can be shaped and reform from within , by focusing on the school-based restorative approach . The above introduction shows how schools are getting it wrong on school discipline , policy and educational laws which later have an adverse effect on the society (family and the community ) who are the agent of child development and socialization . John Dewey said , " Education is the process of learning to be a useful and acceptable member of the community " . If this is one of the reasons for going to school , then the current zero tolerance practice must be checking in order for the student to be useful and be acceptable to the society . A suspended and evicted student cannot be useful and acceptable to the community because he will go back to the street as a rejected and frustrated and his mindset will be that everyone hate him and this is against the beliefs of restorative practice that sees everyone a worthy being and must be in peace . Can restorative practice in school make a different ? I will dodge this question for now . I will start by reflecting on my past experience . In the year 2001 , before my junior high school final examination . I was suspended for three weeks along with four of my classmates and four other students from the next class that was involved in the act . Our main offence was that we vandalize the school chalkboard , due to supremacy battle between the two classes . Our sus...

... middle of paper ... asking her some of the restorative framework questions and she said : " I never believed we could settle our difference between / in this short periods " .
In conclusion
There is no specific layout on how things should be done in practicing restorative justice , but the most important things are to concentrate on how to heal those that is harming and also to give a life back to the offender who is feeling guilty of his actions . To change a behaviour is not like an emergency treatment because it takes time , but it will be a good thing if restorative justice can be fully implemented in all schools and societies around the world which I don 't know how is going to be possible , the school will be the best place to learn and the world will be a safer place to live not just as an individual but as a united family bonded with the spirit of restorative relationship .

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