How School Systems Should Be Ran And There Are Social Forces Essay

How School Systems Should Be Ran And There Are Social Forces Essay

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The world is changing and America’s social environment is changing along with it. With this change, a change in education has come as well, and a continuation of change will occur as the country moves forward. The norm that may be comfortable for many Americans may have to change to meet the needs of new circumstances. There will be debates of how school systems should be ran and there are social forces that will have to be taken into consideration when making decisions on educational reform. School leaders will need to take predictions, data, and research into consideration as they begin to plan the curriculum for the future. Many social forces exist and each one carries their own unique problems to be overcome within a society where many are not willing to accept change.

America has become more diverse than ever and will continue to become even more diverse as it moves into the future. During the 1990s the percentage of white children dropped from 74.9% to 68.6% and the percentage of Hispanic children went from 12.2% to 17.1% (Alvin, 2008). According to Curriculum Leadership:Reading for Developing Quality Educational Programs, there will be no majority in the United States by 2050 (Parkway, Anctil, & Hass, 2014, p. 45). This is an impressive number when taking into consideration that in 2007, minorities made up one out of eight of the United States’ residents. (Parkway et al, 2014, p.45). Many people do not like change and prefer the norm that their people or families have been accustomed to, but as America grows with diversities of new people, there may be an outcry for new beliefs and new customs. There may be a need and want for a new curriculum created to meet the needs of the majority. There will be a need...

... middle of paper ... background or learning style. Teachers should understand that educators before them might have been bias towards their race or family. Academic literature could be bias and teachers should always be paying attention to who is writing what and how the author 's views could shape the way that they write. Whether it was written in the past or closer to the present, many authors present material based on their own point of view.
Today’s students live in a different world from the one that their parents grew up in and education will need to change to confront the changes. Education programs should never be constant as long as society continues to change. The present and the future should always be on the minds of educators as they prepare students for their life ahead of them. They will need to think of how these social forces will affect their students’ lives.

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