How Samsung And Apple Have Been Rivals For Years Now Essay

How Samsung And Apple Have Been Rivals For Years Now Essay

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Samsung and Apple have been rivals for years now. This war began in 2010 when samsung released a new smartphone onto to the market. Apple already had its first iPhone out which released in 2007. It was a major buzz during that time period, it grew to be an even bigger sensation when the rivalry started, everyone wanted with an iphone or a Galaxy. Today it has been a little over 5 years since the rivalry begun, apple and samsung are still leading the way in the smartphone market, but now each phone is loaded more updated equipment and various number of outstanding features. The latest smartphone from Apple is the iPhone 6s and the iPhone 6s plus and the latest from Samsung is the Galaxy S6 and the Galaxy Note 5 . I will compare these products and make a detailed evaluation from the information.
The reason I chose these iPhone’s and Galaxy’s to do this evaluation on is because they are at the top of the smartphone best selling list. Each of them perform outstanding abilities which make it harder to choose which phone to buy. Both of the phones have their similarities as well as their major differences. Apple leads the way in sales as of Oct. 2015, because of the new iPhone 6s and 6S plus that was released.
To compare these devices I will evaluate them using specific criteria, and review on each device by which performs better in the specific criteria range. The criteria that I will be using to compare these devices are: Price, Design, Camera, RAM (Random Access Memory), Battery Life and Operating system. I chose each of these criteria based on the content that I look for in a phone. Each of the content have an important aspect on how the phone does its job.
The design is a major concept in buying a smartphone, because the ability...

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...ell in. They all are wonderful phones and it would be hard to choose by just looking at them but by the criteria I chose it makes it way easier to choose the best device. Although the prices on the Galaxy S6 and iPhone 6S are the best the smaller screen size is just not what I prefer. So m two options come down to the iphone 6S Plus and Galaxy Note 5. This is a very hard choice for me, but I really dislike the android operating system. So therefore my decision of out of all of the devices is the most expensive one the iPhone 6S Plus. As most people would say “You have to pay for good quality devices.” I chose this phone because it fits almost perfectly into my personal life as well as my school life. All of the iPhone qualities are great including the specs and the performance, I am very pleased with how to phone runs and it makes to happy to choose this device.

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