Essay about How Robots Can Replace 60 % Of Jobs

Essay about How Robots Can Replace 60 % Of Jobs

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Robots are becoming an interesting thing in human lives in today 's generation with sophisticated life and technology. Robots are created to help the humans in their complicated or dangerous work. According to Mary Bellis, an inventors expert in her article “The Definition of A Robot,” a robot is a real or imaginary machine that is controlled by a computer and is often made to look like a human or animal, and a machine that can do the work of a person and the works automatically or is controlled by a computer. This means that there is a high probability for robots to take over hundred percent of human jobs in another ten or twenty years ahead. An article “Study Indicates Robots Could Replace 80% Of Jobs” the author, Colin Lewis says “a new study due to be published in the forthcoming Oxford Handbook of Skills and Training by Stuart Elliot visiting analyst at the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), indicates that technology could replace ‘workers for eighty percent of current jobs.’” These automatic equipment slowly will do work for people and what will happen to the other people? Do they tend to be a jobless? These people will struggle to compete with each other because they pretty sure that if they are not struggling for themselves they will lose over those robots. We can watch many movies on the television or the internet that shows the prediction about what will happen if robots take over this world. This prediction from those movies will stress out the people if they know robots will give a threat to their jobs. Although robots will decrease the tendency for people to perform jobs and need these robots for the jobs, but people also need a natural human being to make a few kinds of jobs.
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...umans don’t have it. For example in the factories, divide the jobs for the robots and the humans to do separately. Let the robots do the dangerous part like to carry the heavy loads without complaining or getting any injuries, or works at hazardous area such as in handling chemicals toxic or electric current without no ones hurt or risky for humans. And for humanity jobs or services, let humans handle that kind of jobs. Limits the robots to do humans’ jobs to give a chance for humans work hard and always perform the best in their work. And as a human worker, we must show the best attitude to our employer, and works diligently so that the employers have their trustworthy in us. If we could follow this suggested compromise, we will make our world still in human’s right not the robots. If people could adjust their attitude and mindset, the world would live in peace.

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