How Representation Of Women 's The Media Impacts Young Girls Essay

How Representation Of Women 's The Media Impacts Young Girls Essay

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How Representation of Women in the Media Impacts Young Girls
Today’s generation is hooked on mass media and society is being negatively influenced by it. New movies and television series are released every year, along with millions of interactions happening on the internet. However, storylines, plots, and character dynamics hardly ever seem to change for the female roles that are for women of color. The portrayal of colored women in Hollywood have been misrepresented, creating demeaning ideologies for today’s generation of young girls. Although the depiction of women in media is already exploited, sexualized, and dehumanized, by making women viewed as objects or prizes for the opposite sex; colored women in television, film, and media, are even more ridiculed. Actresses hardly ever play roles that are idolized for being smart, strong, or independent. Instead, most actresses star in roles that are stereotypical. Movies are almost entirely portrayed in the male perspective, being that only about 12 percent of directors are women (Women Make Movies); explaining why females are never actually the protagonists of stories, even if the story is about themselves. Equality and access is something our society always talks about and tries to achieve, but how can expect to eliminate inequality and create access if not every group is represented. The positive depiction of colored women in mass media is imperative to the advancement of women of color, not only in education, but in class and in politics.
The establishment of networking and social interaction via internet, radio, and TV, was initially a positive step toward a more reliable and efficient society. Yet, these mass media networks have come to a point where almost everything they ...

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...g, without including stereotypes. It is time to change the portrayal of colored women in Hollywood and have them represented accurately, instead of creating demeaning ideologies for today’s generation. The objectification of women, and the perception of women being inadequate has to change. However, this can only be achieved by the mass media’s representation of women. Females have to start becoming the protagonists of their own stories and roles must not depend on their male counter parts or even if the story is about themselves. Equality and access is something our society always talks about and tries to achieve, but how can expect to eliminate inequality and create access if not every group is represented. The positive depiction of colored women in mass media is imperative to the advancement of women of color, not only in education, but in class and in politics.

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