How Religion Can Unite Other People From Different Cultural Backgrounds Essay

How Religion Can Unite Other People From Different Cultural Backgrounds Essay

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Religion can unite various people from different cultural backgrounds but, it can also cause divergent opposition. Buddhism shares and explains many different teachings and philosophies including the Four Noble Truths and the Eightfold Path which strongly relate to sunyata, or emptiness. I was intrigued by these concepts because of the manner in which they influence the daily life of Buddhists.
Foremost, the Buddha believed that religion should have absence of authority, ritual, tradition, and supernatural; and that it should be powerful self-effort. The lack of authority allowed followers to seek their own religion. Smith states, “In a time when multitudes were passively relying on brahmins to tell them what to do, Buddha challenged each individual to do his own religious seeking.” Ritual was inapt when it came to aid in ego reduction, according to Smith. If traditions were harmful or caused suffering, the Buddha wanted them to be rejected. Furthermore, he believed that paranormal activities, such as fortune telling, only preoccupied people from self-advance. Self- effort, part of Buddhism’s basic teachings, demonstrates that with determination and persistence, redemption can be achieved. “Whatever your caste, he told his followers, you can make it in this very lifetime. “Let persons of intelligence come to me, honest, candid, straightforward; I will instruct them and if they practice as they are taught, they will come to know for themselves and to realize that supreme religion and goal” (Smith 97). The fact that the Buddha allowed his followers to better themselves caught my attention because it demonstrated that enlightenment can be obtained by anyone, not just Brahmin. Also, Buddhism claims that the human self has not soul. “...

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...yata and strongly relates to the First and Second Noble Truth. Again, the First Truth describes that there is pain and suffering in the world, often caused by pleasure. If we clearly recognize that everything is evanescence and finite then, we will no longer search for permanence for instance, wealth or happiness. Although it t does make it difficult to grasp because we live in individualistic society where we are taught and driven to reach for success and prosperity, I believe that when we do understand that everything is not permanent we reach a level where we relieve ourselves of any selfish need and suffering.
To conclude, Buddhism’s teaching and concepts influences its follower’s daily life in various ways-from limiting pleasure to demonstrating sunyata. The Four Noble Truths and the Eightfold Path help maintain a moral life and one filled with compassion.

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