Essay on How Redbook Cross An Ethical Line

Essay on How Redbook Cross An Ethical Line

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Micro Issues
2. If they did, indeed, piece together a photograph from more than one source as Huvane claims, did Redbook cross an ethical line?
An ethical line was crossed by Redbook in this case. Redbook changed the integrity of a Jennifer Aniston photograph without gaining her personal approval or her publicist team’s approval. Aniston is an actress that is seen as a fashion icon. Therefore, her hairstyle, whether she’s wearing her wedding ring, and her outfit are all important factors for her image. So Redbook did not only approach an ethical line by including a stock photo on its cover thereby implying they had a personal sit-down with Aniston, but they also crossed the line by digitally manipulating the photograph. It was deception that was unfair to Aniston and the readers that were deceived.

Midrange Issues
2. Does Redbook have a duty to not alter photos that occur in a news story within the magazine on a topic such as women’s health? Do the rules differ for news stories and features within the same magazines or newspaper?
Redbook does have a duty not to alter photos accompanying news stories. I see their duty for news story to be that they should not alter the image at all unless there is a need to do so in order to prevent offensive or sensitive material from circulating. In that case of exceptions, the magazine should have a clear disclaimer about how the news photograph has been manipulated. Even features are still a form of reporting and providing news. With that being the case, a similar duty applies. They should maintain the truthful integrity of the photo. If the photograph is manipulated while maintaining integrity, the use of digital manipulation should be noted. Before publishing the photo, the magazine or paper...

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... the matter. Likewise, the readers were deprived of information. There was no indication on the original publication that the photograph was altered. Deception resulted from the publisher choosing not to inform the readers about the modifications of the image. Since there was a lack of information for the readers, they were not provided with a fully informed choice. To conclude, Redbook treated two parties in this case as means only. It was Redbook’s duty to provide Aniston with the manipulated image they were planning to use and first gain her consent to use it. This would ensure she had information and choice. The duty also includes providing a disclaimer on the cover that notifies the readers that the image has been digitally altered, resulting in the readers being informed about the issue and subsequently being given a choice of how to engage with the photograph.

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