How Red Bull Uses Social Media Essay

How Red Bull Uses Social Media Essay

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Social media have gained popularity in recent years as an advertising tool; businesses nowadays use social media to advertise their brands and products. Red Bull promotes on social media a particular life style concentrated on energy, sports and performance rather than their own product (Carlier, 2013). Red Bull has integrated different types of social media to reach out to their targeted market. It will be discovered later on what different types of social media tools and which media is the least effective for Red Bull to use.

Red Bull is an Austrian company that was founded in the mid 1980’s. It has not just launch its first product, but a new, different product market. They have sold about 5.387 billion cans worldwide in 2013. Also they sell their beverages to over 166 countries (Red Bull the company, 2014). They aim for young culture and extreme sports.

Red Bull is mostly based on social media; therefore, it has been the force that driving their advertising and promotions, they are heavily dependent on it (Carlier, 2013). Red Bull’s core message,’ Gives you wings’. Their primary social media is Facebook for marketing. Their Facebook page has been ranked top 50 branded pages on the world’s largest social network (The Content Strategist, 2012) .Their main page has over 42 million likes (Facebook, 2014). They do have other Facebook pages, which are dedicated to their other events and sponsored activities (Heit, 2013), such as Stratos Balloon, X-Fighters which each of these pages alone are extremely close to a million likes, and the Music Academy is over a million likes (Carlier, 2013). On their main Facebook page they usually post around one or two posts, however, it is very rare to find a post that contains an image of the Red...

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