How Rebellions Affected Governments, People, And Daily Life Essay

How Rebellions Affected Governments, People, And Daily Life Essay

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Throughout time many drastic changes have occurred. These changes are usually brought upon by those who desire them the most. George Shaw once said, “Progress is impossible without change and those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything.” These changes often happen to come in the form of rebellion. Rebellions have sprung up many times throughout history. In particular this essay will dive into the effects of rebellions and how these rebellions changed governments, people, and daily life.
Recently, in the world, rebellions have been used in areas where the people desire a great political upheaval. These tend to happen in places where people feel as if they have no control over laws and decisions in their country. One of the biggest examples of this would be In Egypt. In 2011 thousands of people in the country of Egypt began protesting against the corrupt government of President Mubarak. The people used marches, riots, non-violent civil resistance, and other demonstrations. From the poor to the rich, the people of Egypt all came together, in order earn better lives for them and their families. After this rebellion the Mubarak government was removed from power and the People of Egypt were able to hold their first ever-democratic elections. However things were not over there. The newly elected president, Mohamed Morsi, was removed from power by the military, at the request of the people, who believed he was on his way to establishing another dictatorship. Afterwards the widely popular General Al-Sisi became president. Currently he is attempting to oust the influences of the Islamist groups that are residing in the country. Overall the Egyptian revolution ousted the corruptness of their government and h...

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...ajor event of the civil rights movement. During this movement, blacks raised their voices and cried out about the unjust lives that their were being forced to live through. One man in particular rose up to lead the people, and that man was Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. He became the face of the civil rights movement and led many important marches and events. What was even more amazing was that they were all conducted peacefully. In order to do this, people had to be willing to change how they viewed life, and to never give up until they got their fair treatment. Tragically, Dr. King was never able to see the promise land, but eventually all of the blacks of America were able to. The Civil Rights movement was a big stepping-stone towards guiding America towards what it is today. Due to this movement, everyone is equal and is free to pursue what makes them happy in life.

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