How Raw And Graphic Life Can Be Throughout North Korea

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I find Demick’s narratives in the book were very compelling, keeping you intrigued yet horrified about how raw and graphic life can be in North Korea. Every story presented makes your blood boil when you hear such horrible circumstances the characters had to go through in North Korea during the years of mass starvation and economic collapse. Even though North Korea is known for being a very secretive country the author found a way to have coherent and fluid narrative with almost connecting each story to its history. There were four aspects about the book that made you engage with this narrative, with every chapter getting more and more unpredictable like culture, economic crisis and defecting. One thing that was very noticeable trough out the book is culture, in North Korean amorous relationships and treatment towards women look quite different. Various situations point out that women are somehow inferior, this is not something new but certain freedoms that in western cultures are enjoyed are rear in North Korea. North Korean women face things like forced abortions, being part of obligatory prostitution, domestic abuse and having their children taken away upon divorce by the husband and his relatives. It is seen in the book that romantic relationships are not as easy as they seem, especially when having a relation with people from different backgrounds within North Korea. Both characters Mi-ran and Jun-Sang are forced to keep their romance a secret, if any of their parents were to find out they would immediately disapprove of the union. The North Korean regime classifies every citizen depending on their background which allows you to advance in life, in Mi-Ran’s situation her father was a South Korean army man captured and force... ... middle of paper ... ... who once in South Korea her medical studies weren’t recognized and had to go back to school in order to practice. Demick’s ending seems to some extent satisfying regarding those who were able to escape, but those still in North Korea there is no actual way of knowing how bad the situation is due to their silence. With many of the push factors being displayed, North Koreans even though living in the shadows after all that has happened question such secretive regime. This push factor was greater for many North Koreans that were willing to put their lives in danger for a better living standard, but what made it harder was not just the regime not allowing them to leave but also the fear of what was unknown beyond the border. To our understanding North Koreas situation may persist for many years, after all it has gone through mass starvation, economic crisis and war.

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