How Race And Ethnicity Shape Identity Through The Media Show Society The Severity Of The Racist Law Enforcement

How Race And Ethnicity Shape Identity Through The Media Show Society The Severity Of The Racist Law Enforcement

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Through the power of social media, whites and blacks alike are starting to understand what it is like to “live” like the other. The recent stories of police brutality circulating in the media show society the severity of the racist law enforcement. The hashtag, #Alivewhileblack, only begins to shed light on only some of these stories. However, This hashtag intends to be informative to everyone, not just the white community. #Alivewhileblack, conveys how race and ethnicity shape identity through struggle.

#Alivewhileblack originated through a live tweeting of MSNBC’s new show “All in with Chris”. The man who tweeted this was no “expert”, and didn’t start the real conversation, but he was just the first one to use the hashtag.


Since its origination, the conversation has turned from a light-hearted discussion about television to a serious conversation about what is happening to the black community. In addition, #Alivewhileblack shows the seriousness of racism within the police force. Most of the twitter feed is personal anecdotes. Each personal tale has the same story, the police falsely accused an individual due to the color of their skin.


This is just one example of how the black community suffers with the police force. In addition, it shows the obvious racist beliefs of this particular officer. In school, we are taught to respect the law enforcement because they are here to protect us from harm. However, how can we respect the police if they do not give respect people who are different than them?

One strong voice within the conversation is Kerima Cevik. She is an advocate in race, ethnicity, and autism for her son (Cevik). On twitter, she shares the serious news stories that are happening within the community inst...

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... ethnicity. Seeing these stories, society begins to be able to empathize with this specific community, and they begin to look for ways to help. Although, none of this conversation suggests how to stop this suffering from happening. This starts to explain that there is no concrete way to stop completely stop all racism. In addition, this conveys how race and ethnicity shape identity through these people experience and how they cope with that. The black communities are getting stronger, and bigger in the sense of support and love toward them, which was not the case in our history of segregation and racial biases. Through this struggle, we are able to come together as human beings and not just different races, cultures, and ethnicities but we are able to support one another and try to begin empathize with what each of us and every one of us goes through every day.

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