How Quickly Three Became Four Essay examples

How Quickly Three Became Four Essay examples

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How Quickly Three Became Four
Imagine that you are about to enter your junior year in college and life is on the track that you had always planned. You are enjoying your time at the University of Rhode Island, working on your degree to become a teacher. You have been dating a nice guy for a few years. It is finally summer and you go back to a part time job that you have had after school, since high school. Little did you know that this summer job would change your life forever. Next thing you know, you have been married to your husband for twenty-nine years and have had four children together; all of which are a direct result of working that summer job. However, I should probably rewind to fill you in on some facts regarding this, my mom’s story. My mom and dad met at their summer job while they were both in their late teens and working in the grocery store Ro-Jacks. At the time, my mom and dad were both in college, my mom attending the University of Rhode Island and my dad a student cadet at Norwich University in Vermont. They were both home for the summer. My mom had been dating someone since high school. and claims that she had zero interest in my dad. But when my dad asked her on a date, she decided to give it a try. They say love happens when you least expect it and that is exactly what happened to my mom. After only dating for a short amount of time, my mom became pregnant with my brother Stephen at the age of nineteen. At the time my mother was not using any contraception. The pregnancy was a shock to both her and my dad. My mom and dad had little knowledge regarding contraception at the time. Just one year later, my parents were planning to get married. Both of my parents’ families were very surprised at the pace of their...

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...ater had brokenHoping that she did not break her water, my mom and dad went to the hospital and had the fluid tested. Her water did in fact break. It was time for my sister and me to be welcomed to the world. Upon being admitted, my mom was connected to IVs and fetal monitoring systems. She was also able to get an epidural. The next morning at 4:48 am my twin sister Pattie was born. Pattie was not expected so soon but had decided she had enough with sharing my mom’s belly. I, however, was not as easy of a delivery. The doctor noticed that I was breached and tried to turn me internally and externally. Unfortunately, I kept returning to the breach position. It was then decided that my mom was going to have a C-section. Unfortunately my mom could feel the procedure and had to be put under general anesthesia. I was born a whole seventeen minutes after Pattie at 5:05 am.

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