How Puberty Is The Most Important Marker Of The Physical, Cognitive, And Social Development Of My Younger

How Puberty Is The Most Important Marker Of The Physical, Cognitive, And Social Development Of My Younger

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On October 29, 2016, I had the opportunity to observe the physical, cognitive, and social development of my younger sister Brianne, a fifteen year old female adolescent. The observation was conducted via FaceTime as she lives in Crescent, Iowa. The adolescent’s parent signed an informed consent form and gave me permission to observe Brianne’s physical, cognitive, and social developments while also asking her any additional questions I may have had. Most adolescents are worried about their body image, personal relationships, and how their peers view them, while also experiencing many different cognitive developments. Brianne is currently a sophomore in high school, and has experienced many of the physical, cognitive, and social developments that Santrock says is typical for an adolescent her age.
According to Santrock, “puberty is a period of rapid physical maturation involving hormonal and bodily changes that occur primarily during early adolescence” (Santrock, 2014). For many people Brianne’s age, puberty is the most important marker of the beginning of adolescence, although it usually ends long before adolescence does (Santrock, 2014). Brianne experienced significant physical changes related to puberty starting at the age of thirteen. The initial change that occurred was her first menstrual cycle, followed by an increase in height and foot size. Interestingly enough, Brianne began to notice that she was becoming taller than most of the males in her class. At the beginning of the adolescent period, females tend to be just as tall or taller than boys of their age, but usually the males catch up in latter years (Santrock, 2014). These initial physical changes that Brianne experienced were signs of sexual maturation and increases ...

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...scent’s early and teenage years, they will experience many different social, physical, and cognitive developments. Brianne’s first experience was with puberty, which initiated some drastic physical changes such as an increase in her height and foot size. Next, Brianne’s ability to critically think and make decisions based on logic has been the precursor to her academic success, and the result of hypothetical-deductive reasoning. Finally, her desire to please her peers and be around them, rather than being around our parents is a result of the typical push for autonomy in teenagers. Her social, physical, and cognitive developments as an adolescent are very typical and regular for a female her age. The push to continue to mature physically, socially, and cognitively will only continue throughout the rest of her adolescent years and into her early adulthood stage.

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