How Psychology Is Beneficial For Humanity Essay

How Psychology Is Beneficial For Humanity Essay

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Most of us should be asking to themselves why I would have to study psychology and what I will learn from it. Psychology is the scientific study of overt behavior and mental process (covert process). Wilhelm Wundt was a German physician, physiologist, philosopher, and professor known as the father of psychology. The study of psychology is beneficial for humanity. In psychology are goals which are description, understand the causes of a behavior, predict when it will occur, and control the conditions that affect it. The first step is to understand how the mind works and why people act the way they do. The importance of psychology is to learn about how people develop, to improve interpersonal communication and have better critical thinking.
First, one reason to study psychology is to explain basic human development. When we said development is the process of change from conception to death. Is important to understand how people change and grow throughout life spam. Heredity and environmental are interaction forces that are necessary for human development. Nature is 50 percent and nurture is another 50 percent. Since we are inside our mother womb we are changing every day. Is amazing how human can adapt to so many different life style. As an infancy motor skills are development such as crawling, walking, sitting, and standing. Next is sensory development, which neonates can see, smell, hear, taste and respond to pain and touch. Neonates can only see objects that are about a foot away from then. Is not until they are one year old when babies vision is fully develop. Another change is emotional, it develop in a consistent order. Three of the basic emotions are fear, anger, and joy which may be unlearned. As we grow up is sign...

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..., take some time now to create one. If we are uncertain, choose one for now knowing we have the flexibility to change it as we learn more about ourselves.
In conclusion study psychology is important to understand human development. In the same way it help is to improve interpersonal communication and have better critical thinking. The purpose of psychology is to accurately describe, explain, predict, and change human behavior and mental processes. It tries to achieve these goals within all areas of human activity. Psychology is fundamental to study for treating mental disorders, other biological diseases, such as Alzheimer 's, and looking at the way the mind functions with memory and sensation. We should take psychology as one of the most important class in college. Since it will help us in understand more about ourselves and is beneficial in the workplace.

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