How Promotional Strategy Is Position Our New Product And Service As The Premier Option For International Calling

How Promotional Strategy Is Position Our New Product And Service As The Premier Option For International Calling

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The main objective of our promotional strategy is position our new product and service as the premier option for international calling. The promotional strategy to market the new rechargeable calling and the Voice Over IP service will be based on communicating the value that these two new offerings bring to its targeted segments. In order to achieve this strategic objective we will develop an aggressive multi-channel marketing campaign that will include, print, web, mobile and social media.
Another important aspect of the promotional efforts is the strategic partnership with our retailers that have a direct contact with our target market. We will have posters, and counter top advertising with our message and different promotions to increase sales and product/service awareness. The strategic relationship will be of mutual benefit as more sales represents more revenue and profits for retailer and for our company.
Promotional Channels and Justification
In order to reach our market segments, we will utilize two relevant mass media channels to promote our new product and service. These mass media channels are:
a) Print media
b) Radio
Print media such as magazines and newspapers are able to reach our target market while providing unlimited exposure. Magazines and newspapers left behind can be viewed repeatedly by other readers and potentially can reach indirectly hundreds of people. Another benefit of this media the credibility it lends to the advertisers. In addition, print advertising prospects are able to use it at later date.
Radio is the other mass media channel that we will use to promote the new product and service. This marketing channel will allow us to reach prospects within their geographical markets, and radio still a bi...

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...t of sharing it with family and friend via social media platforms will boost brand awareness and referrals within the community of our users. The purpose is to make consumers the ambassadors of the new product and service. We will create contests and giveaways to incentivize social media sharing and involvement.
The objective of a customer loyalty program is to attract and retain customers. Customer retention is an important aspect of creating consistent revenue and brand loyalty as “A business with a 60% customer retention rate is losing 3-4 times as many customers a business with 80% retention rate”, according to the Odonell Company. Customer acquisition is another goal of this promotional activity. An exciting loyalty program will “attract new customers” that see the value in becoming recurring users of the rechargeable calling card and the Voice Over IP service

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