How Positioning Theory Could Change Through The Process Of Professional Collaboration

How Positioning Theory Could Change Through The Process Of Professional Collaboration

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Vetter (2012) conducted a study using a qualitative, case-study research method by following a teacher practitioner, Grace, for three years. Vetter’s (2012) goal for this study was to determine how positioning theory could change through the process of professional collaboration (p.33). Throughout the course of the study, Vetter (2012) watches Grace’s position, or teacher-leader identity, change based on underlining theme including; “contemplating and imagining new positions, maintaining a new position in spite of resistance, maintaining a new position in spite of resistance, and realizing the results of a new position” (p. 34).
Vetter’s (2012) presents an excellent example of a case study research study and can be identified as such due to its “concentration on just a few person, and most often just one” (Shank, 2014, p. 22). Grace was the main participant analyzed during the case study, however other members of her research practitioner group were a vital part of the research collection. Vetter (2012) states based on her data analysis that the members of Grace’s practitioner research group helped her “helped her imagine, prepare, and enact new positions in other environments” (p. 33). Vetter (2012) herself was a participant researcher who participated in the practitioner research group by was identified as a researcher and had a good rapport that enhanced her ability to observe and understand Grace’s perspective (McMillian, 2015, p. 337 – 338). Additionally, the “prolonged engagement” of the study improved the researcher’s rapport, as well as, the credibility of the research (McMillian, 2015, p. 357).
Vetter (2012) collected data using various methods, including observations, interviews, and artifacts. Vetter (2012) f...

... middle of paper ...

... groups need to share their transformation stories of obtaining new positions (p. 46).
In conclusion, Vetter’s (2012) research, although small in scope, presents credible data on how teachers can reconfigure themselves within the learning community as leaders through professional learning communities (p. 44). The study’s longevity plus checks for credibility including triangulation and member checking help make its findings and implications credible. Furthermore, the researcher show good researching skills when she identifies how her “subjectivity may influence results, and direct examination of this subjectivity, through reflection” adds to the credibility (McMillian, 2015, p. 357). Vetter’s (2012) could be furthered with other teacher practitioner groups to further understand the impact of professional learning communities on teacher positioning and leadership.

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