How Pop Artists Changed The World And Rebelled Against The Accepted Style

How Pop Artists Changed The World And Rebelled Against The Accepted Style

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Long ago, a movement that changed the way people viewed things all around the world emerged. Pop Art began in Britain and then moved to the United States by the late 1950s. Living in a world where people are divided into classes due to their house income allowed Pop Artist to break that barrier and create something out of the ordinary. Pop Artist believed that everything in the world is somehow connected with each other and they show you exactly how through their work. Not only did Pop Artist look within the world of advertisements, cartoons, and famous images, but they embraced the fact that they could change existing images along the way.
It began with the individuals known as the Independent Group of Great Britain. They would hold meetings to discuss the popular culture around the world and rebelled against the accepted style. After WWII these artists saw the rise of advertisements and consumerism all over the place. I believe they wanted to change the way people viewed these products in a way that they didn’t necessarily have to buy the product, but to look at it as a form of art. By changing these normal images to their unique style it opened up the imagination of the viewers that would impact the world forever.
Through the work of Pop Art, an inspiring artist was created known as Andy Warhol. He was born on August 6, 1928 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Since a young age he was always an artist, but in the late 1950s he devoted his career to painting. Warhol mainly focused on consumer products and found ways to make extraordinary images that would affect the lives of many individuals. By focusing more on the consumer products he brought attention to Pop Art and soon everyone around the United Stated knew what Pop Art was. He...

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...d the words as well. He figured that people would expect her to get saved, but by putting different words he completely changed the expectations one has. Roy argued that nothing in life will ever be original and he does just the job to get his point across with his art.
In addition, another amazing artist by the name of Robert Rauschenberg was influenced by Pop Art. His work questioned the inner and outer world and that’s what was so unique about him especially transitioning from Abstract Expressionism. Like all Pop Artist, his art really stood out and incorporated everyday life objects. Robert’s work never really had specific meanings behind it. He was best known for combining everyday objects, art, and simply just went with the flow. It was the viewer’s choice to reflect and feel some type of way on it but, what made Robert stand out the most was his 3-D artwork.

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