How Politics, Religion And Education Have Influence On My Life And Actions

How Politics, Religion And Education Have Influence On My Life And Actions

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Social forces: is the part of society that has the capability of causing change or influences people.
Religion, education, and politics that are taught and used to influence others
Communities that are homogeneous and influence along racial lines.
Theoretical frameworks:
I will provide a framework on how politics, religion and education have influence my life and actions.

My experience of double consciousness was experienced when black people have a different perception black foreigners, which I will provide a macro view in my unfoldment.
Conflict theory argues that at individuals and groups (social classes) within society have differing amount of material and nonmaterial resources and the group in power exploit groups with less power.
Culture has impacted my life in various ways from the food I eat, the cloth I wear, the music I listen to. Culture has a direct correlation to the way I adapt to my surroundings.
Beliefs is the concept that people accept as true, for example, how the world operates, where individuals fits in relationship to others.
Values is the shared conceptions of what is good, right, appropriate, worthwhile and important regarding conduct, appearance and states of being.
Norns is really rules of specified behaviors either inappropriate or appropriate and are either written or unwritten.
Socialization the way individuals develop a sense of self and understand how how the society work in which they live.

Macro history:

I came to the United States from a small Caribbean island in 1975 and landed in New York City. My family had a new home in Connecticut and I was going to have to figure out how to get around, make new friends and learn the American language. Where I lived in Connecticut was a...

... middle of paper ...

... funny thing is as I got older and entered high school the same people who made fun of me, beat me up, and made my life miserable became enamored with the Jamaica culture. They came to love Jamaican music, the accent, and the food. To this day I always thought why could they not have found that love earlier when I was younger. I would have kept my awesome accent instead of working to get ride of it. Albeit, not the best childhood I learn a lot about people and how not conduct myself. I am interested in people, taking the time to get to know a person and trying to be a good friend by treating others how I would want to be treated.

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